I was born in Covington, Kentucky where i became a rent a kid coordinator my senior year of high school for the summer program at the Northern Kentucky Community Center at 18 years old.  I was a big fan of Nike which i was heading to Sinclair Community College in Dayton Ohio  for basketball. While at work on break i wanted to do an idea for Nike hoping they would like it ,  I called it the air 2001. After i designed it I  showed all my friends and they loved it,  so i went to the sporting goods store on Madison Ave in Covington for Nike’s information.  The guy ask me why do you need the address? I told him why,  he said, good luck their slow to get back.  So i sent the idea in to Nike two weeks later they wrote me back in june of 1985 saying they love my idea. So i went back to the guy at sporting goods store abd showed him the letter  and he couldn’t believe it. In 1986 Nike wrote me back again loving my idea. After transferring from Sinclair I was recruited to Maryland Eastern Shore in 1987 that is when i was out with some teammates at the mall and saw the air revolution shoe. I told my teammates hey that’s my shoe! They laugh and said yeah right! Later i showed them my design and they couldn’t believe it. That design also help create the air bubble and I’ve been trying proof it every since. Judge for your selves. 


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